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Art.1. The present internal document of Association Happy Family represents its Code of Conduct in the Association’s mediation in intercountry adoptions. This Code of Conduct is binding for all members and employees of the Association Happy Family (hereinafter referred to as the “Association”).
Art.2. The main purpose of the Code of Conduct is:
1. present the main values and principles that all its members and employees should observe;
2. to affirm the will of its members and employees to act in compliance with the Code of Conduct;
3. to set moral responsibilities of its members and employees towards the children, applicants, state and local authorities and other NGOs that are part of the adoption procedure;
4. setting a common administrative culture among its members and employees and achieving professional ethical behavior in their work.
Art.3. The present Code of Conduct is binding for all members and employees of the Association “Happy Family”.

Ethical principles

Art.4. All members and employees of the Association, in all their actions, should observe the following principles:
1. Observance of Law – to observe all applicable international laws and the laws of Republic of Bulgaria;
2. Loyalty –to be loyal to the Association’s interests and all co-workers;
3. Honestyto have honest and responsible behavior in performance of their obligations;
4. Impartialityto be objective and not showing personal preferences or disaffection in their work;
5. Responsibilityto be aware of the importance of their duties and to always commit to responsible performance;
6. Prohibition of Discrimination - not to allow discrimination in regard of gender, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship, religion, education, beliefs, political affiliation, personal or social status, age, sexuality, financial status and any other characteristics, described in a law or international treaty in which Republic of Bulgaria is a party;
7. Cofidentialitykeeping and processing of information relating to intercountry adoptions in compliance with legal rules and moral standards, discretion in performance of their obligations and respect the right of every child and family of privacy.  

Section ІІІ
code of conduct

Art.5. In their actions, all members and employees of the Association should be governed solely by the law in order to fully protect the interests of the children and applicants, observing the following code of conduct and moral responsibilities:
1. In respect to the children: their work to be aware of the child’s development and the individual characteristics of each child; aware of and to respect each child’s uniqueness and potential; support each child’s right to freely express its opinion for all issues that are of its interest;
1.4. to protect the best interests of the child in compliance with the Preamble of the Hague Convention of 29 May 1993 on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Intercountry Adoptions.
2. In respect of the applicants for adoptive parents: respect the dignity and each family, its culture, customs, language and beliefs;
2.2. to provide true, accurate and complete information for the procedure progress as well as for their rights and obligations in this procedure; provide the full information about the child (especially for its health status and potential risks from the institutionalization), the way the child is educated and its current development; not use their relations with the family for personal benefit.
3.In case of a conflict of interests between the child and the candidates, to always protect the best interests of the child and at the same time to fully and accurately inform the candidates for the superiority of the child’s interests.
Art.6. All members and employees of the Association are obliged to support and cooperate to the state authorities in exercising their powers in relation to the adoption procedure.
Art.7. All members and employees of the Association shall try to facilitate and improve the cooperation between the state authorities and other NGOs concerned with the adoption procedure.
Art.8. All members and employees of the Association shall behave with their co-workers, other state and local authorities with respect, trust and cooperation in order to protect their personal dignity and observance of the law.
Art.9. All members and employees of the Association shall act in compliance with the moral and good manners.
Art.10.All members and employees of the Association shall keep them away from any form of financial or other dependence that can influence their impartial, professional and unprejudiced performance of their duties.



Art.11.All members and employees of the Association are with high morals, training and experience in the mediation of intercountry adoptions of children.
Art.12. Any member and employee of the association is not allowed to work for a specialized institution or social service of residential type for children and cannot be employees of any territorial directorate of the Agency of Social Assistance.
Art.13. Any member and employee of the Association does not have relatives that work for institutions and organizations related to intercountry adoptions.
Art.14. All members and employees of the Association shall:
1. in exercising their duties for the Association to observe their rights and obligations and to demonstrate loyalty and respect to all people they are in contact with;
2. to use their established knowledge for that type of activity and always to improve their efficiency at work;
3. not to disclose fact and circumstances become known to them in the course of their work for the Association. Upon termination of their work for the Association, they shall not be released from the obligation to protect the professional secrecy related to their activities for the Association.
Art.15. All members and employees of the Association should strive continuously to increase their professional qualifications and personal competence, to be promptly informed of changes in regulations related to their business, increase their knowledge and skills required in the performance of their position through various forms of training and self-study, to develop the level of professionalism in the performance of their main duties.

Section V
FInal provisions
§1. This Code of Conduct in mediation of intecountry adoptions, binding for all members and employees of Association Happy Family, were adopted at a meeting of the Board of the Association on 20.11.2014.


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